The Woodhills

Furniture with a passion

Our Story

It is a honor to welcome you to The Woodhills. We have had the pleasure of providing our loyal cliental with the highest quality custom furniture on the market since 2017. A group of coworkers at Home Depot came together in a one car garage in Flower Mound, Texas, where we had basic tools and knowledge. We started building small furniture pieces for close family and friends, but we soon realized that we grew a passion for this and could create memories doing something we loved. Our main goal at the time was saving for college, and building flags and other small custom pieces for family and friends was a great way to accomplish our goal. However, the mission changed as we grew closer to our customers, as they continued to challenge us with new and innovative designs we had never built before. As our experience and confidence grew, we decided to quit our jobs and build this business while attending school. It seemed like each day we got smarter and worked harder in order to provide an even better product that was more stylish, durable, and would provide your family with memories for years to come. After our first shop, we decided we needed a more “at home” feel, which is why we picked the location where we are today. Our mission is, and always will be simple; Provide the best product possible. Period. With some new ideas heading into 2019, be on the lookout for not only some new designs, but a new side of the business as well. We appreciate each and everyone of our customers for their support, and hope we can have an impact on your home for years to come.


Our Services

The Woodhills Company provides custom & unique handmade designs for your home decor. All of our models are made from scratch, which allows you to be in charge of the process by providing sizing specifications, custom colors and finishes.

Our Products

All of our products are made out of high quality wood and put through the test of our rigorous process. Each and every piece is custom specific to the customer's preference from the type of wood we use to the level of distressing on the finished product. We take a lot of pride in all of our products and even more satisfaction in making our customers something we know they will love.